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New -- DataSpaces 1.6.1 released!

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Current version:

DataSpaces 1.6.1 (Download 1.6.1)

Revision History:

1.6.1 Released June 2016

  • Added network support: Aries for Cray XC30.
  • Updated support for automake-1.12 and above.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

1.6.0 Released July 2015

  • Added network support: socket for TCP/IP.
  • Added feature: new data deleting API for removing data identified by version, from the staging area.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

1.5.0 Released January 2015

  • Version checking for client/server compatibility.
  • Support for DIMES on InfiniBand.
  • A new set of examples.

1.4.0 Released June 2014

  • Added network support: PAMI for IBM BlueGene/Q
  • Support for 64bit dimension sizes
  • Support for more than three dimensions

1.3.0 Released December 2013

  • Optimized memory usage on server side for Gemini to overcome low RDMA memory constrains
  • Distributed client's registration process, changed file locking mechanism on IB to reduce boot-up time
  • Parallelized DIMES get operation to improve data transfer performance
  • Unified interface for coupled writer/reader testing applications in C and Fortran

1.2.0 Released May 2013

  • Added network support: DCMF for IBM BlueGene/P
  • Added feature: new data coupling APIs that allow point-to-point data transfers directly between tightly coupled processes by bypassing staging servers
  • Added coupled writer/reader testing applications in C
  • Single codebase for all supported networks

1.1.0 Released November 2012

  • Added network support: Infiniband
  • Added support for sub-group lock/unlock using application defined MPI communicator

1.0.0 Released July 2012

  • Network support: Portals for Cray XT series, Gemini for Cray XE/XK series

Recent News

June 2016: DataSpaces 1.6.1 Release!

Dataspaces 1.6.1 has been released with new network support and various bug fixes. It is available in the Download section.

July 2015: DataSpaces tutorial at XSEDE'15!

We give a DataSpaces tutorial at XSEDE'15 conference at St. Louis, MO in July 2015.

July 2015: DataSpaces 1.6.0 Release!

Dataspaces 1.6.0 has been released with new features and various bug fixes. It is available in the Download section.

January 2015: DataSpaces 1.5.0 Release!

Dataspaces 1.5.0 has been released with various bug fixes. It is available in the Download section.

June 13th, 2014: DataSpaces 1.4.0 Release!

Dataspaces 1.4.0 has been released with new features and various bug fixes (along with a DataSpaces logo). It is available in the Download section.

May 22nd, 2014: Tong Jin won best poster award at IPDPS 2014 PHD Forum

His poster titled "Runtime Support for Dynamic Online Data Management and Insight Discovery in Large Scale Coupled Simulation Workflow" highlights his research work in HPC arena. You can see the poster here.

December 2013: DataSpaces 1.3.0 Release!

We are excited to announce the release of Dataspaces 1.3.0. It is available in the Download section.

August 19th, 2013: Presentation at ADIOS Code Sprint

Fan Zhang and Hoang Bui gave a talk titled "Data Staging with DataSpaces" for ADIOS Code Sprint at Oak Ridge National Lab

July 18th, 2013: DataSpaces, as part of ADIOS wins R&D 100 award

ADIOS: Adaptable I/O System for Big Data, has received the prestigious R&D 100 Award. More information can be found here and here .

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Deparment of Energy.